Transferring Photos From Galaxy S8 To PC

Need to know how to transfer photos from the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8 Plus to the PC? If you do, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll explain to you how you can effortlessly move your photos to your PC below. Once you’ve transferred your photos, you can either delete them on your Galaxy S8 to save space or keep them on there as an additional backup in case they get deleted from your PC. In most cases, you’ll need the USB cable for the Galaxy S8, so make sure to have that at hand.

Moving your photos to your PC will save you a lot of stress and worry about whether your smartphone breaks or not. It can also make it easier to edit and upload photos at any point. Follow the steps below to get started!


How to move photos and videos on Galaxy S8/S8 Plus to a PC:

  1. Make sure to only move over photos you created;
  2. You can also move photos from your PC to your Galaxy S8.
  3. Thankfully, the transfer tools are built straight into Windows so you won’t need to install anything.


Transferring photos and videos with these steps:

  1. To begin with, connect a USB cable to your PC;
  2. Next, connect your Galaxy S8 to the other end of the USB. Once prompted, tap the photo transfer option on the Galaxy S8.
  3. Open the Windows File Explorer option
  4. Click on My PC and then find your smartphone
  5. Scroll through the files and folders of your Galaxy S8 until your find your photos. You can now drag your photos to a free space on your PC.
  6. You can now remove your Galaxy S8.


Hopefully this guide has proven useful!

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