Sony Xperia XZ: How To Block Calls And Texts

If you own a Sony Xperia XZ, you may want to know how to block calls and texts either from people. There could be several reasons why you want to block calls or texts on your Xperia XZ, especially since more and more spammers and telemarketers contact people on their smartphones now.

Sony names its call blocking feature as “rejection,” so we’ll be using that term interchangeably with “block.” Below we’ll explain how you can block calls on the Sony Xperia XZ.


How To Block Calls From The Auto-Reject List 

One way to block calls and texts on the Xperia XZ is by going to the Phone app itself. Once you get to the Phone app, select “More” in the top-right corner, followed by “Settings.” The second option in the list should be “Call rejection.” That’s where we’re headed. So, tap. Now tap “Auto reject list.”Once you get to this page you can enter a phone number or a contact to block on your Xperia XZ. In addition, if you have blocked anyone in the past, those numbers will show up here as well, so it’s an easy place to remove folks from the rejection list if you want.


How To Block Calls From Individual Caller

Another method you can use to block an individual number or contact on the Xperia XZ is by going to the Phone application. Tap on Call Log and select the number you want to block. Then select “More” in the top right corner, and then “Add to auto reject list.”


How To Block Calls From All Unknown Callers

One main issue is that the Sony Xperia XZ gets calls from unknown numbers. The best way to block these calls is by going to the “Auto reject list” and selecting the option to block calls from “Unknown callers” on the Xperia XZ. All you need to do is switch the goggle ON and you’ll no longer be bothered by callers who block their incoming number.


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