Shazam Launches Offline Mode! Here’s How It Works


Apple bought the favorite music discovery app Shazam a few weeks ago, leading to speculation that the app could be shut down. However, Shazam released a new update that helps users to discover music offline. With this, you’ll be able to access songs regardless of the where you might be! Here’s how the offline mode works.

How Shazam Offline Works

Whether you’re online or offline, the basic operation of Shazam is the same.

  1.     Launch Shazam from your Home screen
  2.     Click the Shazam button
  3.     Wait for Shazam to spot the song

The difference between offline and online operation is that when you’re offline, the Shazam app will give you a notification allowing you to know that Shazam will recognize the song when you’re back online. However, when you get a data or Wi-Fi signal, you will see the song you heard when you didn’t have service immediately you launch the Shazam app and click “My Section”.

How Does This Impact The Future Of Shazam?

I am interested in seeing what plan Apple has in store for the music discovery platform with the purchase of Shazam by Apple still very fresh. I hope the Shazam app sticks around as a standalone app.


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