Samsung Galaxy J5: How To Save Google Map Address

Google Maps have been widely and frequently used to find directions by many of us before planning to travel to a place. For those with a limited internet data bundle plan, this can be a difficult task. Luckily, you can quite easily and conveniently use Google Maps on your Galaxy J5. The guide below illustrates the process of saving Google Maps on Samsung Galaxy J5.


Saving Google Map Address Offline on Galaxy J5

There are two methods for saving Google Maps and to perform both processes you must first switch on your J5 smartphone. Below are the two methods for saving maps offline.


Enter a Command in Google Map Search

With your Google Maps app open, type OK Maps in the search bar. Once you search for this command you should be able to save Google Maps that you searched for.


Saving Google Maps using the Info Bar

You can open the Google Maps app and search the specific location you would like to look up. Press and hold on your screen until the checkmark appears on your screen. In the info bar, which is where you can view the Google Map locations that have been saved. You may view all the data as displayed on the screen by swiping the information bar upwards.

From there, click on the 3-dot menu and choose Save offline Map. This will enable to view the saved locations without the need for an internet.

You should be informed that all the saved Google Maps are automatically deleted from your Galaxy J5 after 30 days.

You are now an expert in saving Google Maps addresses on Samsung Galaxy J5 once you complete reading this guide.

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