Quickly Launch Camera On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus Guide

If you have been in possession of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 or the S8 Plus you will agree there is no denying that the camera for both phones is of magnificent quality. We will show you how you can quickly launch the camera app from the Galaxy S8 and S8 lock screen. Opening your camera from the lock screen makes operations more efficient since you will save yourself the hassles of having to go through the home screen. As a result, you time sufficient time to prepare and ready for the picture you want to take.

The guide below illustrates how you can use the camera shortcut on your Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus lock screen.

Before adding the camera shortcut, you must first turn on your S8 or S8 Plus smartphone.

With the smartphone turned on, go to the Settings then select device. From the device settings, click on Lock Screen after which the Shortcuts should be activated. You have the option of adding widgets to your lock screen as soon you finish the brief procedure above.

At is at this point that you can add a specific widget for your camera as well. I would advise that you try out the camera widget after adding it to your lock screen just to be sure that it is working perfectly.

Go through the simple steps below to learn how you can access the camera from your lock screen.

  1. Turn on your smartphone and open the Setting’s app
  2. Click on Device
  3. Open the Lock Screen settings
  4. Check the option for camera shortcut


Once you complete these steps, you will see camera shortcut the next time you browse through your lock screen. From then henceforth, all you need to do for quick access to your camera is to swipe the camera shortcut on the lock screen.

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