OnePlus 3: How To Activate Your Device

Trying to activate your OnePlus 3 so that you can access basic calls, texts, and mobile data features? We’ve noticed that some users have had trouble with activating their OnePlus 3 on certain networks. Fortunately, there is a fix available that can help you to activate the OnePlus 3 when it’s not working correctly. We’ll provide steps for activating your OnePlus 3 below.

If it still doesn’t work after following the tips below, we’d suggest contacting your network carrier for help. The steps below should work on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. No matter what your network carrier is, this article should be able to help. Go through each solution until your OnePlus 3 connects to the activation servers successfully.


How to Fix OnePlus 3 Activation Errors

If you’re having OnePlus 3 activation errors, there could be a number of issues. It may be related to your smartphone, or it could be an external problem. Let’s first take a look at either of the following issues are occurring:

  • The activation servers for your OnePlus 3 may currently be unavailable. If they are, try again later.
  • Alternatively, your OnePlus 3 may not be recognized by the current activation server. In this case it will not be activated.



If you’re still having problems with your OnePlus 3 activation servers, your best bet may be to restore your device. If you factory reset the OnePlus 3, it may resolve any problems it was having. Factory resetting your device will get rid of all of your files, so make sure you create a backup before continuing. You can create a backup by opening the settings menu and going to backup & reset.



Sometimes a full restore isn’t needed. Instead, you can perform a quick restart. By performing a restart, you may be able to fix any temporary problems. To perform a restart, simply hold down the power button and tap to switch it off. Next, hold the power button to turn the OnePlus 3 back on again. Once you’ve done this, check to see if the OnePlus 3 can now connect to the activation servers.


Network Issues / WiFi

Your OnePlus 3 may be having trouble connecting to the activation servers because there’s an issue with your network or WiFi connection. We’d suggest you to connect to a different network to see if that can resolve the current problems you’re having with your OnePlus 3.


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