iPhone SE 2: Hands-On Video Leaked!

Apple has confirmed earlier that three iPhone models will be released this 2018. Among the three is iPhone SE2 – one that is wrapped with mystery and controversy. Then, suddenly, it has been revealed for everyone to see.

A hands-on video claiming to be the highly-anticipated iPhone SE2 was posted by popular leaks site, Macotakara. This video reveals some interesting details about the upcoming new iPhone. This includes its bezel-less design identical to the iPhone X.

What’s New With iPhone SE 2

Aside from presenting the new iPhone in all angles, it also shows the new iPhone SE2 in action. In the surface, the supposed iPhone SE2 seems to be a combination of the original iPhone SE’s aluminum chassis and the iPhone X’s navigation. This might be why the new device is sometimes referred to as iPhone X SE.

The iPhone SE2 also loses the first SE’s headphone jack and Touch ID.

The Credibility of the Video Leak

Only a few people are skeptical of this video since it passes the duck test – a form of abductive reasoning that confirms or denies a claim by observing its characteristics. However, the genuineness of the video is yet to be confirmed. The leak site, Macotakara has long been a good source of trustworthy leaks – being able to first drop the news on iPhone 7’s wireless headphone stunt. It also had several iPhone details that were way ahead of the official release. However, there have also been cases where their predictions missed.

It may be revealed soon enough how real the information on iPhone SE 2 or iPhone X SE is. Then again, with its expected price tag of $799 (a big leap from its $399 predecessor), deciding on whether to choose this unit still needs a lot more scrutiny than what the current video leak allows.

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