How To View Notifcations On Galaxy J5


For those that own a Samsung Galaxy J5, you may want to know how to view notifications that are sent to your phone when you don’t have the phone turned on and something important happens on the smartphone. The notifications center has a main section that collects all notifications in one place that you can quickly view and delete those that you don’t want. These notifications can also be viewed at the top of the Samsung Galaxy J5 screen in the status bar. Below is a guide on how you can view these notifications on your Galaxy J5.


How to access notifications on Samsung Galaxy J5:

  1. Turn on your Galaxy J5.
  2. From the top of the screen, swipe down to get to the notification section.
  3. View the list of all the notifications.
  4. Select on a notification in order to launch that app.


After you have opened a notification, the notification will then be remove from this section.


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