How To Turn ON And OFF Lock Screen Icons On Galaxy J5


For those that own a Samsung Galaxy J5, you may want to be able to change the lock screen icons on your smartphone. This will allow you to remove icons that you don’t use and add others that you want to use to make your phone more customizeable.

In our example below, we’ll explain how you can turn on and off the weather widget icons that shows the current weather in the location that you’re at. This feature is part of the standard Galaxy J5 settings, but for those that don’t use the weather icon on the lock screen, you can disable this feature.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to turn ON or OFF the weather symbol on the Galaxy J5, which will also work with the other icons like the clock and visual effect features.
How to turn ON or OFF icons on lock screen:

  1. Turn on the Samsung Galaxy J5.
  2. From the Home screen go to the Apps page.
  3. Browse and select on Settings.
  4. Select on the Lock screen.
  5. Select the Lock screen option.
  6. Either check or uncheck the Weather box to turn ON or OFF this feature
  7. Select the Home button to return to the standby mode.


If you choose to enable this option, then once your phone is locked you’ll see weather information will turn up there showing the temperature and your current location. If you want to turn OFF the weather icon on the lock screen, you’ll no longer so it on the Galaxy J5 lock screen.



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