How To Solve Sound Issues On Apple iPad Or iPhone In iOS 10


Some users have apparently reported that their iPhone or iPads in iOS 10 has got serious sound issues. Those who have reported this problem has said that the problem comes about when they try to make phone calls or when they receives phone calls. Go through possible solutions we have listed down for you on how to fix the sound problems on iOS 10 iPhones and iPads.

In rare cases, the problem might still persist even after following through with the suggested solutions. In such a case, please consider contacting your retailer and see if they can get your iPad or iPhone in iOS 10 replaced. But before you get to that, fix the sound issues using the guide below;


Fixing the Sound Issues on iPhone and iPad iOS 10

  • Turn the iPhone and iPad in iOS 10 off. Now remove and reinsert the SIM card then power on your smartphone.
  • Since dirt, dust or debris can block the microphone, it is best to get rid of them too by using compressing compressed air. Then check to make sure that your iPad and iPhone in iOS 10 has no sound issues.
  • Bluetooth connection can be the cause of sound issues and as such, you must turn it off. This might help fix the sound problem on your iPhone or iPad n iOS 10.
  • As usual, wiping cache helps to fix many problems including the sound problems. Here is a guide on how to wipe the iPhone and iPad in iOS 10 cache.


Another great solution that I might have hated myself if I hadn’t mentioned it is the Recovery Mode. To enter your device into the Recovery Mode, just follow this link on how to enter the iPhone and iPad in iOS 10 into Recovery Mode

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