How To Solve Insufficient Memory Issue Displayed By LG V20


If you own an LG V20, you might be interested in knowing why your phones keeps on displaying the insufficient storage available message especially when you are downloading apps and when taking pictures.

You could try fixing the insufficient storage available error message by deleting any images you don’t want and apps that you are not using on your LG V20.

If your find that the error message saying Insufficient Storage Available is still displaying despite freeing up some space when you try to download apps, then head into the Settings menu. From here, look for the System and find Storage. In the Storage option, you will be able to determine if there is need to free up more space on your LG V20.

Below are a variety of solutions to help you tackle the Insufficient Storage Available error.


Solving the Insufficient Storage Available for apps on Your LG V20

  1. Consider storing your files in different location if the internal storage is full. Follow the prompts below;

Apps>My Files>Local Storage>Device Storage

Then select the folders and files you would like to move by simply checking the boxes adjacent to them. You should then be able to choose a different location to store your files. For safety purposes, it is advisable to the files to your cloud account.


  1. Delete the cache on your LG V20 if you still see the Insufficient Storage Available error message even though you have enough space on your device.
  • Switch off your LG V20
  • Simultaneously press and hold the power, volume up and home buttons. Only let go of the after seeing the LG Logo and the blue recovery text at the top of it.
  • The recovery menu will be displayed through which you can scroll using the volume down button. Select the wipe cache partition option using the power button. Use the power button to highlight the reboot system option and once again use the power button to select it. Your LG V20 will then restart and once complete your problem should be solved. Read the guide here for more details on how to clear the cache on the LG V20.


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