How To Set Up Galaxy J5 For One-Handed Use


For those that own a Samsung Galaxy J5 with a large screen, you may want to know how you can set up the One Handed Use feature.

TouchWiz has a feature that makes one-handed use of the Galaxy J5 easier to use without having to fumble with the smartphone or use two hands on the Galaxy J5. Below are the instructions on how to enable and turn on this great feature. Here’s how to enable and start using the features on the Galaxy J5 for one-handed use.


How to enable One-handed Operation:

  1. Turn on the Galaxy J5.
  2. Open the Settings app.
  3. Browse for the One-handed Operation option and select it.
  4. Switch the toggle to “ON” in order to enable One-handed operation.
  5. Now follow the directions on the screen to set everything up.


How to toggle One-Handed Operation on and off:

  1. Enable One-handed operation, following the directions above.
  2. At the top right corner of the screen, select the Expand button to be able to return to the normal screen size again.
  3. In order to re-enable One-handed operation, simply slide your thumb from the side of the screen to the middle and back again in one motion.


The instructions above will help you use the Galaxy J5 with one hand. For those that are left handed and still want to use the Galaxy J5 one handed feature, perform the motion starting on the left hand side of the screen. Do the opposite to use it in your right hand instead.


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