How To Fix Settings Sync Issues In Windows 10 Update

If you have been following our posts you will remember that we handled this issue; you manage a Microsoft account and at the same time you have different devices on which you would like to open your Microsoft account. You would also like to maintain the same settings on all your devices. Unfortunately, at the end of it, neither synchronization nor going through the process of configuring the settings is sufficient to sync the settings for Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

The issue with synchronizing your settings in Windows 10 Anniversary Update is a common one among many folks. The root cause of this problem is having the wrong feedback and wrong diagnostic settings. However, you can rest easy now because we have come up with two sure solutions for this problem. Read further ahead and choose the solution that will best work for you.


Solving the settings syncing problem in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Using Feedback & Diagnostics settings

We highly recommend that you adjust the feedback and diagnostic settings first so that these settings do not interfere with the setting syncing on device. To do this, follow the simple steps as outlined below;

  1. Go to the settings center
  2. Look at the Privacy option and click on Feedback & Diagnostic
  3. From Basic to other options, you can reset the diagnostic settings.
  4. Now close all taps and apps and restart you smartphone.


From here henceforth, you should not have any trouble syncing your settings to all your devices. If there still something amiss, you may consider checking your Microsoft account which could be the real source of the problem. If you want to double-check the hypothesis above, you can proceed with the second method below.


Using a different Microsoft account

It is essential that you have a Microsoft account if you will be going this process. The reason being that there is no way can access or customize any of the settings without having to log into a Microsoft account.

This process comes after you failed to fix the syncing problem even after adjusting the Diagnostics and Feedback settings. To start off, you must create a new Microsoft account then by using any of your preferred settings. Now configure your Windows devices using the newly created Microsoft account. Complete this process as follows;

  1. Go to the Settings center
  2. Proceed to accounts
  3. Now click on add Microsoft account
  4. Enter the required information to complete account creation
  5. Follow the commands that you will be provided with to the latter.


Once you are through with the steps above, you can check to see if the syncing issue is resolved. You should now rely on the account you created so as to keep everything in place since the old account probably has issues.

It would be great to get your feedback on the alternative that worked for you. More importantly we would like to know how you overcame the syncing settings issue on Windows 10 Anniversary Update.



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