How To Delete Words In Dictionary On Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus

Quite a number of Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone users have shown their desire to learn how the process of adding new words to the dictionary. However, there comes a time when you also feel the need to get rid of some words from that same dictionary.

You can use the typing mode whenever you need to remove some suggestions that pop up when you are typing using the Samsung keyboard.

The directions provided below are meant for Samsung Galaxy S8 who are running the latest Android 7 Nougat. This OS for Android devices is the latest improvement that every Samsung users must take advantage of.


Removing Words from the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Dictionary

  1. Launch the app from which you want to use the keyboard and type a text on your Samsung smartphone.
  2. Type the first letter of the word you want to remove and you should be able to see it among the suggestions.
  3. Press and hold on it when it appears in the suggestion bar.
  4. A popup will appear on the screen that reads “Remove-Your word will be removed from the learned words.”
  5. Tap OK and the action to remove will be confirmed.
  6. The selected word will now be automatically deleted from the dictionary.


Once you get rid of the word, you won’t be seeing it again in the suggestion bar every time you type the letters which previously led to the word being displayed.

With these steps, you can personalize the keyboard on your Samsung S8 and S8 Plus. You should find it more fun and enjoyable to type on your Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphone.

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