How To Create A Wi-Fi Hotspot On LG V20


The LG V20, with its cool feature which enables you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your V20 is an amazing device to own. This feature is particularly useful when you are away from your home and would like other devices to connect to the internet. Using V20 Hotspot connection gives other devices a direct internet connection.

It is quite simple to create a Hotspot on your LG V20 when experiencing a poor public Wi-Fi connectivity. The V20 has a long lasting battery which makes it ideal to use the Hotspot feature.

If you want to create a Hotspot, you must start by setting it up first. The process is simple as you shall from this post on how to use Wi-Fi hotspot and how to change the security password on LG V20.


Creating a Hotspot on LG V20

  1. Turn on your LG V20
  2. Go to the Notifications Settings. You can do this by simply swiping down on your home screen
  3. Click on Settings from the top right corner
  4. Locate tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot and select it
  5. Tap on Mobile Hotspot
  6. Adjust the toggle to On
  7. Tap OK when prompted by a message that Wi-Fi will be on.
  8. Follow the directions provided at the bottom of your screen to connect other devices to your LG V20.



Changing the Security Type and Password on your LG V20 for your Wi-Fi Hotspot

The standard setting is that the LG V20 adds a password to the Hotspot feature. The default security type is WPA2. To change these settings, follow the steps below;

  1. Turn on LG V20
  2. Swipe down the home screen to bring up the notification settings
  3. Tap on Settings and locate Tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot
  4. Tap on Mobile Hotspot
  5. Click on the three dots for more options
  6. Tap on Configure
  7. Tap password then click on Save


Its worth noting that some of the data plans we have may not offer mobile hotspot without upgrading to this service. After a keen following of the instructions provided above, contact your carrier if your Mobile Hotspot isn’t working. They may be able to provide you with data plan compatible with your device.

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