Fixing Samsung Galaxy S7 Not Charging On Android Nougat 7.0 Guide


Majority of people who use a Samsung Galaxy S7 that is running on Android Nougat have applauded the Smartphone of being free from any problems. However, a small number have claimed that the Smartphone does not charge when connected to the charger. Some of these folks initially thought that the USB cable used for charging was faulty and hence proceeded to replace it. Instead of using guesswork, we have come up with a sure way to help fix this issue on your Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge once and for all.

The following are some of the reasons as to why your Galaxy S7 Smartphone is not charging. These reasons could also be the cause of the grey battery problem affecting smartphones running the latest Android 7.0 Nougat;

  • A defective Smartphone
  • Broken, pushed up or bent connectors on your device or your battery
  • A defective cable or charging unit
  • Temporary issues with your Smartphone.


Reset your Samsung Galaxy S7

Resetting your Galaxy S7 can help to give your software the much needed reboot which in most cases helps to fix the charging issues. Although this process provides a temporary solution to the charging problem, it does help in very urgent cases. You can get the full details on how to reset your Galaxy S7 here.


Change the USB Cables

Usually, most people run to check the USB cables whenever they come across issues to do with charging. The failure to charge could be because the USB cable is either damaged or it may not be set in the proper connection for charging your Galaxy S7. Check to ensure that the USB cable is the real cause of the problem before rushing to replace it. Once you have tried out charging with another USB cable and confirmed that your USB cable is faulty, you should plan on purchasing a new cable.


Try Cleaning the USB Port

In some cases, dirt, dust and other solid materials blocking the charging ports can result to failure of your Smartphone to charge effectively. You can use a needle or any other smaller tool to remove the materials blocking the connection. In many of the reported cases to do with charging, the blockages are usually to blame for failure to charge. Be careful not to damage your USB port any further as you remove the dirt form the ports.


Get Technical Assistance

If after trying out all the solutions provided above, you realize that your Galaxy S7 still isn’t charging, you need to get your Smartphone checked out by a specialized Samsung technician. If the technician finds that your Galaxy S7 Smartphone is in need of repairs, then a replacement unit may be provided as stipulated under a warranty.



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