Apple Can’t Replace Batteries for iPhone 6 Plus Until April

When Apple confirmed last month that it had indeed been intentionally slowing down older phones, the internet lost it’s mind. iPhone users felt betrayed, and iPhone haters felt vindicated.

It turns out that slowing down phone performance was a side effect of protecting devices with older batteries from randomly shutting down. That said, Apple really needed to be more transparent with it’s customers.

And so Apple promised to replace old iPhone batteries for the low cost of $29. Unfortunately for some iPhone owners, the wait could be longer than expected. Batteries for some models won’t be in stock for the until April!

Apple initially said on its website that the batteries would be available in January. They’ve since updated to the more general ‘right away.’ The instantaneous demand for replacement batteries caught Apple by surprise, and they just weren’t ready to deal with the demand.

An internal document sent to Apple retail stores as well as authorized service providers says that the wait times for various devices varies. iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s Plus could be as soon as 2 weeks. But the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s won’t be ready until April, most likely. And batteries for the iPhone SE will be ‘available without extended delays.’ (??)

This hasn’t been a good couple months for Apple. Being caught slowing down old phones, even with good reason, is bad enough. And with plenty of other companies making excellent smartphones, iPhone users facing as much as a 3-month delay isn’t going to do them any favors either.

But the batteries are coming, and the $29 price tag is a very fair price. Let us know how it goes!

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